Ending of one Epidsode and On to another

 On June 3rd, we drove up to the Teton's in search of 399 and her 4 cubs.  No luck, set for hours where she was supposed to be but, OH Well, that's the breaks.  We did see another Sow and her 2 cubs and some beautiful scenery with lots of snow.  Only portions of the park were open.  On June 5th, headed out for one last hike in the area.  Went to Palacais Creek Trail.  Hopefully there will be a moose at the lake.  It's a 10 mile round trip hike and the moose does make it worth the miles. We not only saw the moose, but some goats up in the cliffs along the way.  Differently a good hike. The moose has a deformed paddle.  Probably won't win any cows or survive the fall.     The creek was really running Saw several goats up on the cliffs.   So on the 9th of June, we had closed on the lots and headed up to Clyde Park to visit Wayne and Nancy and determine what is our next step.  Sad to leave friends behind, but we'll see them in Happy Trails and Surprise. Ready for a new