Jamaica South Coast Sandals Resort and Thanksgiving in Houston

So after getting organized and settling in, we head out on November 16th for a week with friends in the Pickleball World.  Gail Scoggins organized this trip and I would recommend any one who is interested in one of her trips, take it.  We were never in the dark as to what was going on.  Great week.  We only played pickleball a couple of times, but there were plenty of opportunities. Bob and I wanted to snorkel, snorkel and more snorkel plus a zip line and waterfalls adventure.  Got there on Saturday, Nov 16th. Sandals South Coast was great, service in some of the restaurants was slow, but man, you're on Jamaica Time!  Relax and enjoy!

End of Summer in and out of Star Valley

The weather is getting cooler, so when we got back to Star Valley, we decided, one more Kayak Trip.
This time we did the Lower Snake again. This time it was Lynn and Linda, Anne Reynolds, Peggy Bradley, Kath Kaufman and Bob and I.  Had a great time, but the difference in the size of the waterfall from our 1st trip to now is unreal.

We celebrated 21 years of marriage on Sept. 12th.  Went out to dinner at the Flying Saddle.  One of the few white table cloths restaurants in the area.  Good food too. Also, since it was our Anniversary, we had a free dessert. 

On Sept 13th, Bob and I hiked the Middle Ridge Trail off of Grey's River Road.  We had worked on this trail with the Friends of Bridger-Tetons earlier in the summer.  This summer we joined this group and the Star Valley Ranch Trail Crew.  We figured since we hiked, we could spend one day a week or so to help with trail maintenance.   Met some neat people.