Summer Home? Brrrrr

Back in Star Valley on May 19th.  Late since we had to make a detour to Ogden to have the slide in the rig checked out.  Made an appointment to return to Ogden on June 6th for repair work.  You know it's always something.  We got out of Happy Trials a little early, Bob's second cataract surgery was on May 9th with final appointment on 16th.  I had an appointment on 17th and we were out of there on 18th.  One overnight, fast trip, we normally take 2 overnights.

Weather clears up fast here.  One day snow, the next, beautiful sunshine.  Back in the grove, pickleball and hiking.  On the 23th, we the Green Canyon Vista Trail with friends Ron and Ione Geinger.

 We have Tree Swallows checking out the Bird Houses on our Lot. 

Another hike on May 30th.  This is to Palisades Creek.   Last year you may remember the post of this hike with the cow and her calves on the lake. Well.they still there, only no longer small.  We also saw the mountain goats on the way in.

 Next hike was on Jun…

Moving On

After New Zealand, it's back to Happy Trails for more Pickleball, walking, friends and family. Our next trip was on April 8th with friends Kim, John, Nancy and Wayne.  John had won a week in Grand Cayman at the live Auction last summer at the Chili Cook-off  benefiting the Thayne, Wy. CMTs.

Great house with 3 bathrooms right on the beach.  Bob and I were lucky enough to get invited after one other couple backed out.  It was a great week.  Beautiful house with great amenities.

First day, we headed to Sting Ray City.  My favorite place.  No cruise ships in yet, so private boat for the 6 of us and hardly anyone else in the water, except of course stingrays.

After an hour of feeding and watching the rays, we headed out to the reef for some snorkeling.

 Furnished with the house was kayaks, and some snorkeling equipment we could just snorkel right from the beach. 

Beginning the Year Right

GBack to Happy Trails from Barbados for awhile until our next adventure.  Played Pickleball with groups 3 or 4 days a week and walked almost everyday 2 to 5 miles.  Really a walk/run, usually less than 18 minutes a mile.   Bob is back in his swimming 3 days a week.  He's looking great.  I have to work really hard just to maintain.

For Christmas, we had 5 couples, John and Pat, Dennis and Bunny, Harolyn and Don. Geoff and Nancy and us. More of an informal meal and played cards. Reminded me of Christmases we used to have at my Mom's.  Eating, playing and then more snacking.  Lots of fun.

On New Year's Day, we hosted about 20 people for breakfast.  Nancy and Wayne Muggli helped with the cooking and Bob made his Apple Cinnamon Pancakes.  Everyone started the New Year with a full tummy of Pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns.

Our next adventure was to New Zealand, North and South Island.  Long trip for 10 days.  Flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then to Auckland, t…