Home Again

Got back to Star Valley on 23rd of Sept.  Getting a little cold and the most everyone has exited the park.  But the deer are plentiful.  Kim and John are still here for for some 4 wheeling.  We head out on the 28th, but the jeep couldn't make the trail that the side by sides could, so we just did some exploring on our own.  Hadn't been up to Granite Falls this year.  Last year they had a big fire in that area and we wanted to see how far it had advanced.

On the 29th, we decided to head out and stop along the way back to Happy Trails.  We met up with Judy and Rita on BLM lands near Goblin State Park in Utah.  Never had been here, but had always wanted to get over to the west side of Canyon Land National Park.  Great time jeeping and 4 wheeling and hiking.  Dry camped for a week.  Rita and Judy left a day earlier since they had been there for a week before us.  The area is covered with Pictographs. We walked up the street to Temple Wash Pictograph area  and took some pictures w…

And Finally Scotland

The next morning 30 of the group headed for Scotland from Pine Lakes Resort.  Sorry to leave, but looking forward to the new adventure.  As we crossed the Border, there's a welcome station called Gretna Green.  This was famous for runaway weddings. In 1754 Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act came into force in England and Wales, but didn't apply to Scotland.  In Scotland, a Boy of 14 and girls at 12 could marry with or without parental consent.  In England and Wales, you had to have parental consent if you were under 21 yrs of age.

Next stop, Edinburgh.  We're just around 3 pm when we get there, so we have a bus tour of the city.  It's raining, some but not hard.

  That evening we have a lesson in making kilts and then free for the evening.  Had dinner on Rose Street.  Many, Many restaurants to choose from, even TGI Fridays.  We chose a local pub called the Black Rose.

 Since we weren't leaving until 9 or so, the next morning Bob and I walked up the street to the t…