Tahiti- Sailing the French Polyensie Society Islands

We landed in Papeete at 5:15 am on Dec. 5th, 2018.  Left Los Angeles at 11:05 pm on Dec. 4th.  Only an 8 hr. flight, but overnight and time changes.  This is still an airport without jetways, so you walk into the airport from the plane.

Then we are greeted by the Travel Agency.  John Gullo, Kim Chase, Johnny and Jerri Gullo arrived about 30 minutes after us. That's 5:30 am on Dec. 5th.

Next, we head to the hotel that we had for 1 night before boarding the "Image" Catamaran.  It was a great hotel.  The Manava Suite Resort. 

 We were there so early, we had planned a 4 Wheel Drive Tour of the Island for the day.  It was a pretty rough ride, but saw so beautiful sights.