Ireland First, then the rest

Well, we left Star Valley heading to Ireland on Aug 30th. My bucket list item.  Spent the night in Salt Lake City, UT for an early morning flight (6:00 am).   Of course since we used milage for the tickets, we got to Shannon, Ireland the next morning by way of Salt Lake City, UT to Dallas, TX, to Orlando, FL, to Philadelphia, PA.  But since we left Philadelphia at 9:45 PM, we arrived in Shannon at around 7:00 AM.  Tired, but after renting a car, we heading to Limerick for the night.  On the way, since check in wasn't until 2:00 pm, we did some touring on the way.

Everything was really green, and all shades.  But of course, they get a lot of rain, but is sort of like Seattle, with a drizzle and some sun, so you just do things anyway.   First stop was Bunratty Castle. Here, we explored the castle and grounds.  This first dates back to 1251.

A little song during the tour.

Then on to Limerick.  Checked in the hotel and then walked around the River Shannon to get something to eat.  Ve…

Busy, Busy, Busy, June and July and August at Star Valley

This year we are so busy with Pickleball, kayaking, hiking, and adding boating one day a week into the schedule, I'm only giving the highlights.

We started hiking on May 23rd with friends Ione and Ron Gienger.

Next we did the Palisades Creek Trail.  On the way to the lake, we were lucky enough to  spot some Mountain Goats on the side of the cliffs.  At the lake, the two moose calves from last year and their Mom were still there, but not as small.

We also had a pair of Tree Shallows take up residence in one of the Bird houses.

In June, we hiked several hikes and then after the water recited enough, started kayaking and boating.

Had to take the rig back down to Ogden to have slide fixed.  Wouldn't go in all the way.  So, we decided to meet with friends for dinner, and then the next day go on a hike.  Great one!

 It's not called the Waterfall trail for nothing.

Back in Star Valley.  Another hike.  Cedar Creek on June 14th and Swift Creek on June 16th.