End of June and July Adventures

We headed back to Star Valley and after a few days of pickleball and Bob swimming in the mornings, we took a hike to Roosevelt Meadows off of Little Greys River Road.  Never had been on this before. Nice area, but since I had a game scheduled, we didn't get to go all the way out.  Did see a deer, but nothing else.

On June 26th, we went on our 1st kayak trip of the season, starting down at Grover and taking out across from the Rest Area before Thayne.  Not a rough trip, but very twisting.  This is on the Salt River and it twists and winds through this area.  We were lucky to see a Moose and a Bald Eagle.
This was with friends Sandy and Bill Reetz and Linda and Lynn Laymon.  Lots of fun, but the men all dumped.  No one hurt, except egos.

The next week we kayaked the Lower Snake from below the dam at Palacais.  This was with Lynn and Linda, Bill and Sandy, Terry Pellam and Bob and I.

The falls on the river is gorgeous.

This blog only goes through July 2nd, but the internet here sucks…

May and June in Star Valley

Since the Last Post, we've just been busy playing pickleball, hiking and trying to stay dry and warm.  It's been a cold May and June, but have been able to do the daily walks and some hiking along with pickleball.

On the 23rd of May, needed to get out so we headed to the Tetons, looking for animals.  We did good, no bears, but Moose, beavers and Elk. 

Most mornings, it warms up enough for Pickleball, but then starts raining in the afternoon.  By the 29th, we needed to get a hike in regardless.  So we headed out to one of our favorites, knowing we would probably reach snow and may not be able to cross the streams.  But needed to get out.  The water crossings weren't too bad, easier or not existent due to snow not yet melting, but we only made it out about 2 1/2 due to snow.