Cayman and Naples

Well, it's been too long.  First we left you in Texas.  Ended up having great weather so decided to go ahead to Inks Lake State Park.  Really fun hiking and kayaking.

After Inks Lake we pulled into my Sister Anita's and parked.  Leaving the rig for 2 weeks for our trip to Grand Cayman and Naples.  Did check out jeeps one evening, but found out that in order to get a new JL Wrangler 2 door, we would have to order and would take 3 to 4 months.  Guess we'll have to delay the purchase until we get back to Surprise.

Our trip to Grand Cayman with John Gullo, Kim Chase, Johnnie and Geri Gullo, Ron and Donna Daly and Wayne and Nancy Muggli started on April 14th.  We stayed at a great house right on the water at Rum Point.  Had a Great Time even if the weather wasn't the best everyday.  Snorkeling and swimming and walking. 

Heading to Houston

On Thursday, March 29th, we met friends Bryon and Marsha and Melissa to trek across Arizona and New Mexico to Texas.  Later start than usual, around 9:30 am.  But on the road and made it to Safford for the night.  Able to get a walk in that night and also the next morning.  Bob didn't feel good on the way here, so just parked and went to bed.  Ok the next morning and ready to hit the road again.  Our goal was a National Forest Campground close to Glenwood, NM.  Made it.

 Since we got there early, we set up camp and headed to Cat Walk Recreation Area just down the road. Beautiful area.

We then drove over to Mogollon.  A ghost town that was really a ghost town since it doesn't open until Memorial Day Weekend and then is only open on weekends.  We didn't do our research.

The next morning, we headed to Silver City, NM and the Gila Cliff Dwelling.  We stayed at the Elks, full hookups and all.  Was there by noon, so headed into town to tour and have lunch.

We met up wit…